You’re an avid collector of plates; or have gotten a collection as a gift—in any case, you want your stunning pieces to get the attention they rightfully deserve!

It can be difficult deciding how to display them. Do you want to hang them on the wall, display them on a shelf, or use them as decoration for your living room?

But wherever you decide to place them, will they be safe? Will they completely blend into the interior and go unnoticed?

These are the questions to ask yourself before deciding on an approach to display your favourite collection.

The next important step is to decide on how you will display them.

The Importance of Plate Stands

It can be difficult finding a successful way to display your collection.

The fear of having them broken can make homeowners store them away inside a cabinet. While it’s important to display your collection, it’s just as important to make sure your plates are safe and sound.

Dust accumulation and the chance of a pet pouncing on them are some of the ways your plates can become damaged.

This is where plate stands come in. Plate stands have a firm grip, are lightweight and can be easily placed anywhere in your house.

This makes it easier to display your collection without the worry of damage incurring. In fact, your plates will be safe, sound and unless you personally take them out, they won’t go anywhere.

Wooden vs. Wire Plate Stands

While there are different types of plate stands, the most common are wooden and wire ones.

Both have their own perks but these play a major role depending on your requirements. Whether you want wire or wooden plate stands, you have to decide what type of stand you’re looking for.

Wire stands are sturdy and can be fixed in one place. They’re lightweight compared to wooden ones and can easily be placed inside the kitchen or the shelves of your dining room. While they are not fancy, their minimalistic design helps highlight your collection’s intricate and beautiful design. They’re also low-maintenance.

Wooden stands are also popular because of their durability and ‘traditional’ look. Many homeowners Article22like displaying their collection using wooden stands because of their fancy look that complements their collection. This is true for antique crockery.

Wooden stands can be placed anywhere; they become a part of the interior of the room, highlighting your plates’ structure and features. Having them polished once in a while is essential to keep them looking beautiful.

Whichever type of stand you choose, remember that it depends on what you’re looking for. Antique crockery is best-suited for wooden stands and china plates for wired ones. Experimenting is also essential in finding out what you need.

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