For flooring dealers, finding up and coming products that rack in the profits is a top priority. At the moment, WPC flooring seems to be taking up the spotlight! It’s quickly become one of the more popular flooring options, for outdoor decks in particular. Before you go investing in the product, however, here’s the lowdown on what exactly WPC flooring is and why it’s such a hot commodity.

What Is WPC Flooring?

WPC flooring stands for wood composite flooring. While you may be swayed by the presence of the word “wood” in the name, in actuality, this flooring does not contain any wood whatsoever. This is what we call a composite material; it is made up of an amalgamation of calcium carbonate, wood flour, and thermoplastics.

The structure of the flooring can be divided into four parts. The top is what is considered the “wear layer”, which, as the name suggest, protects the product against excessive wear and tear. This top covering is quite durable, offering up stain resistance and easy cleaning. Below that is a “luxury vinyl top layer” that makes it so very sturdy and resilient. Then comes what makes WPC flooring so particularly appealing—an extruded waterproof core that does not expand or contract over time. An attached cork underlayment offers strong support as the base, able to withstand any mold or mildew and provide sound insulation.

The Many Advantages

wood flooringOne of the main perks of WPC flooring is its quality of being waterproof. That makes it particularly ideal for being used for outdoor decks, where rain and other sources of moisture will have no impact on the quality of the flooring in the long run.  This gives it a leg up over laminate flooring products, as WPC flooring can then be used where laminate falls short, such as in bathrooms and basements where moisture is prevalent.

Wood Composite flooring is highly durable, resistant to wear, and easy to clean. It absorbs the impact of feet and make for quite the soundproof surface. It is quite the sustainable item, as it is made up of recycle plastics and the waste products from the wood industry.

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