Choosing the kind of right window is an important decision for every homeowner. They add value to your home and boost its physical appearance, making it look more grand and spacey.

However, making this choice when it comes to aluminum and UPVC windows can be difficult, as both kinds come with their own unique advantages. What you end up choosing would probably depend on your personal preference and style, but we’ll present some pros and cons of each kind of window to help you make your decision.


UPVC windows have been a favorable option since the 1980s. They are durable, don’t rot easily, and require little maintenance. Nonetheless, their frames tend to degrade over the years and need replacement after 20 to 30 years. Aluminum windows, on the other hand, are also highly durable, and the quality of high-quality aluminum windows doesn’t deter until 45 years, as they don’t degrade in the same way UPVC windows do.


When it comes to the price, aluminum windows are typically more expensive than UPVC windows. This is because their manufacturing cost exceeds that of UPVC windows. As UPVC windows have gained popularity since the 1980s, their demand makes them a product you won’t have to break the bank for. As of now, aluminum remains the more expensive of the two products.


UPVC windows tend to be most suited for your home, and less for commercial application. This is because they require more structural strength. The suitability of aluminum windows on the other hand, is not limited to residential purposes. They can be used in places like hotels, auditoriums, and hospitals, as they are of a stronger structural nature. Therefore, your purchase will depend on which vicinity you need your window for.

 Suit your personal style

Aluminum windows come in various styles that include, but aren’t limited to, casement windows, sliding windows, and tilt-turn windows.

UPVC windows on the other hand, also come in many styles. Some of these include UPVC bay and bow windows, awning windows, and so on. Buy what you feel would accentuate your home or workplace.

So which one works for you? Aluminum or UPVC?

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