There’s more to making an office brighter—and, as a result, more productive—than just adding some elements of natural lighting!

Yes, sunlight and foliage in a professional workplace can work wonders for employee morale and engagement. But in the long run, it’s great office design that helps you maximize happiness and productivity.

This involves creating an environment that is flexible enough to give your staff the space they need, shuts out distractions, and exudes a sense of organization.

One way to do so is by choosing the right flooring. This is where white hardwood flooring excels!

The Classic Style of White Hardwood Flooring

Timeless and beautiful, white hardwood floors—especially oak—have been a popular option for professional workspaces.

While slightly more expensive than a basic laminate or vinyl flooring, white hardwood flooring is a long-term investment. Especially if your office doesn’t have experience too much foot traffic, white oak hardwood flooring elevates the image of your office without any additional effort.

Durable and easy-to-maintain, white hardwood flooring gives your office a clean, sleek edge. Any contrasting colors (basically all of them) pop against it, making the whole space pop in a way that just isn’t possible with dark wood flooring.

The Specialty of White Oak Hardwood Flooring

The reason white oak outshines its competitors is that, for starters, it has great durability and the ideal Janka hardness level. Compared to red oak flooring which only has a Janka hardness of 1290, white oak stands at 1360, making it a more durable option than basic vinyl or tile flooring.

It also helps that in both texture and aesthetic, white oak floors are more uniform in design and thus, smoother and cleaner. They’re also more resistant to water stains, scratches, etc., requiring the bare minimum care to retain their original look.

Price wise, white oak doesn’t take as big a chunk from your office renovation budget as other options, which makes it the most viable choice for offices that need an elevated look but don’t have the money for it.

white oak hardwood flooring


All in all, white oak is a leading contender for ‘good hardwood floors for an office.’ However, keep in mind that not all oak floors are the same. If you want good quality, durable white oak hardwood flooring, you’ll need to connect with a reliable supplier like Oak & Broad.

A leading company in the wood flooring industry, Oak & Broad offers wide planks for white oak and black walnut for a very affordable price. For your office space, contact the company and have a consultation about the right bespoke white oak planks for your office space.

You’ll see for yourself the world of difference these little details will make for your staff’s productivity.