Penthouses are designed to provide plenty of space, great ventilation, and privacy for owners. If designed right, it can be stunning space to live in.

The best thing about a penthouse apartment is the superb views that you can enjoy during beautiful sunny days and clear nights. However, choosing the right kind of doors and windows is important in order to get the optimal look of the apartment and the surrounding views.

Many experts recommend installing uPVC (un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride) sliding windows owing to the fact that they are super-efficient and require least amount of energy to use.

Here are some of the top reasons you should get uPVC windows in your dream penthouse:

The aesthetics:

uPVC windows are designed to make sure the frame takes up the least amount of space. The narrow bars and larger glass area add to the beauty of the place. The bigger glass panel also maximizes the views that you can enjoy from your top of the world. It also increases the flow natural light, making the apartment sparkling with the glorious sunshine!

Save that space:

Space is at a premium when you want to decorate your dream apartment. With uPVC sliding windows, you can cover the least amount of space leaving room to spare. According to survey, uPVC consumes at least 80% less space than most traditional doors and windows.

Energy Efficient:

Most uPVC windows are covered with a double glaze that keeps the heat in and drafts out. This ensures the minimum loss and consumption of energy, resulting in lower heating bills. In addition, the design of the windows does not allow any air to escape from the room providing maximum insulation for your penthouse.


Durable and easy to maintain:

Comparing uPVC to regular window, you get almost triple the window lifecycle. Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride is impervious to temperature change and is termite resistant. This enables them to outperform most wooden or aluminum doors.

Not only that, these windows are extremely easy to install and clean. They require almost zero maintenance and can be fitted in almost any space. You can choose to create an entire wall of these windows for your penthouse; your only limit is your imagination.

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