People with a green thumb know that earthworm castings are super rich in humus. One of the best ways to organically enrich the soil is through pure earthworm castings. Worm farming is a very scientific process and inextricably linked to gardening. Here’s all you need to know about worm castings, which is an important component of growing worms.

Worm castings have bacteria and enzymes that encourage the growth of plants and allow them to be able to soak up the nutrients from the soil more effectively. Worm castings also allow for more soil aeration so that the roots of the plants can soak up more water.

What are worm castings?

If your gardener is unwilling to share his secret to excellent gardening, we can easily bet it’s because they use worm casts as a supplement for natural soil. Worm casts are the most ideal plant food with a neutral pH of 7 and are actually an organic fertilizer created by worms. If plants could talk they’d be asking for more worm castings on a regular basis.


Benefits of Worm Castings

Here are some of the benefits of worm castings and why you should be using them for gardening.

Beneficial for the soil

Worm castings can make the soil more absorbent, which means the plant is able to soak up more moisture and will be less likely to completely dry out.

Contain good bacteria

Just like there is positive bacteria in our stomach which helps us digest food better, worms also allow more beneficial microbes in the soil. They also contain humic acid, which acts like a catalyst in absorbing nutrients.

Detox the soil

A lot of scientific research indicates that castings act like superfoods for plants and accelerate the germination process of the seedlings. Not only this, but they are beneficial in detoxifying soil and reducing the presence of heavy metals in it.

Help the soil stay moisturized

They also allow the soil to retain more water. This is done when castings form clusters of mineral, which are strong enough to resist water erosion and increase water retention.

Increase levels of nitrogen

Worm castings are effective at minimizing the risks associated with increasing carbon levels in the soil. They increase the nitrogen levels instead, which is more useful to the plant.

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