Rejuvenating your roof can help alter the aesthetic of your home and add durability to its structure. When it comes to roofing, many homeowners mistakenly believed they have limited remodeling options. As a result, roof renovations were often overlooked in home remodeling projects in the past.

However, there has been a substantial growth in the roofing industry in 2018, as sales increased by 14%. Modern homeowners are more aware of their options and often choose roof remodeling to revamp the look of their premises.

Review the residential roofing trends that were all the rage this year:

1. Light colored roofs:

Light colored roofs have been increasingly popular in warmer regions this year. The high rate of reflectivity of light-colored roofs enables them to keep the temperature of the house as low as possible. As a result, cooling cost of the home also reduce. Another benefit of using light-colored roofs is that they make the exterior of the home look brighter and cleaner.

Top Roofing Trends of 2018

2. Flat roofs:

Many homeowners value the timeless look of a pitched roof, but a slanted ceiling can make the house look more cramped.

To maximize the dimensions of their living space, homeowners are now choosing to live in flat-roofed homes. A common misconception about these roofs is that they eventually lead to problems related to precipitation build up. However, if a flat roof is well-engineered, both rain and melting snow should roll right off with no additional issues.

Flat roofs

3. Green roofs:

This year has been all about sustainability. Elevated gardening has been around for a while, but the appeal and functionality of green roofs have increased by volumes in 2018. Not only does this roofing option clean the air, but also reduces the urban heat island effect, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. The versatility of green roofs allows them to be installed anywhere from office buildings to residential apartments.

Green roofs

4. Solar Roofs

When it comes to energy efficient and environment-friendly roofing options, solar roofs take the lead. These roofs harness the energy of the sun to generate power that can be utilized within the home. Some construction companies also offer solar roofing options with real-time alerts, so homeowners can monitor daily energy savings with ease.

Solar roofs

5. Metal roofs:

Metal roofing has been a popular roofing trend for years. Once only limited to industrial buildings, metal roofs are now an integral part of multiple residential properties. The strength and durability of these roofs allow them to bear the brunt of harsh weather. In addition to that, these roofs are easy to clean and have a much longer lifespan than asphalt shingles.

Metal roofs

Roofing designs continue to evolve with the passage of time, but most of the trends that shaped the roofing industry of this year are likely to carry over into 2019.

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