Decorative 3D flooring is not just a pretty picture spread out on your home’s floor. It is a sweeping work of art, which has changed the concept of flooring and what it looks like. Nobody can say that it is just a new way to pretty up the floors. In fact, it is a story with hundreds of textures and shades that combine to form a unique image. This is what gives 3D floors its unique name.

It is a given that 3D floors can completely change the interior décor of the house but many people are reluctant to make such a big change unless they are sure that what they are choosing is durable and eco friendly.

Below are top five reasons, apart from its obvious decorative design, why you should choose 3D flooring:

Environment Friendly

A chemical called epoxy is mixed with a hardener, which is applied on these 3D floors. This prevents the floor from corroding and giving off bad odors. The floor is resistant to UV rays, which prevents fading. In fact, it improves a room’s brightness by 300% due to its shiny surface.

Lasts Longer

The same chemical prevents the 3D floors from losing its color. The floor develops a surface with high strength, which prevents scratching and cracks from shoe studs or when furniture is dragged.

Easy Maintenance

Since the floor does not contain any spaces and consists of one huge tile, dirt, water, dust or any kind of chemicals does not settle in and affect the floor. The floor can be cleaned with moping, using hot water or floor washing agents having a small amount of ammonia.

Improves Safety – Resists Moisture

The resin material used in 3D floors prevents a person from slipping whether they are walking barefoot or in shoes. This material also makes the floor resistant to heat, fire and impacts. A vapor barrier agent is applied to the floors, which is why 3D floors make a great flooring application in bathrooms. As long as the water is dried in a reasonable amount of time, there will be no damage done to the floor.

Chemically Resistant

The floors are resistant to any kind of acids, which makes them a great choice in warehouses, manufacturing plants and green houses.

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