Whether you’re living in your home for years or recently moved into a new one, home rewiring is an issue that’s often neglected. That is until you’re met with an electrical damage or your wiring fails altogether.

As a rule of thumb, home wiring that exceeds a service span of 10 years requires replacement as it becomes prone to faults. In addition to being an electrical hazard, outdated wiring isn’t compatible with modern appliances. So if you’re living in the 21st century, why use wiring that was installed in the 90s?

Before you get started with your home rewiring, here are a few tips to prepare for the project.

1.     Create a Detailed Plan

Home rewiring is a detailed and costly process, which is why it’s important to be very clear about what you want, right from the beginning. Avoid last minute additions; what may have been a minor addition in the beginning can turn into a costly investment mid-way through.

Create a list of all the appliances you use and the places where you want them. This’ll help your electrical contractor correctly identify installation points for electrical outlets and fixtures.

2.     Check Local Codes

Once you’re done identifying installation points, check for code compliance. Electrical installation codes have standards for everything—from the number of outlets in your room to their installation profile. In order to avoid safety hazards later on, it’s a good practice to ensure that your electrical installations are compliant with this code.

3.     Prepare Yourself

Prepare your home for a rewiring project to avoid any damage. Move fragile items to another room and cover your furniture with a dust-cloth. It’s easy for a rewiring project to hamper your daily activities—getting ready for work becomes much of a struggle when you can’t find anything at its place. However, you can avoid the hassle by moving the necessary items to a habitable room.

If you have pets, you need to be extra careful regarding their safety. Move them to a room that doesn’t require maintenance and ensure they stay away from the wires. Don’t be afraid to ask your family or your neighbors to keep them for a few days while you’re busy with the rewiring project.

Another major aspect that ensures the success of your rewiring project is finding a reliable electrician.

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