When it comes to home renovations and repairs, we’re normally heavily focused on home décor, furniture, and appliances. It’s a common misconception that the only way you can give your home new life is by changing the way it looks.

In reality, there are a lot more pressing issues which need your attention. One of these issues is the state of your home’s wires. Not only does home rewiring bolster safety, but it also adds to the value of your home.

Here are some signs that indicate that home rewiring is overdue:

1.     Your switches and sockets are turning brown

It’s a common misconception that the discoloration of sockets and switches takes place because they’ve become old or rusted. Your sockets go brown when a wire or two inside are loose and cause ‘tiny fires’ or small arcs of electricity inside. Overheated wires cause the plastic in these sockets to burn over time.

If ignored for too long, this can cause heat damage appliances that connect with the socket. The solution is to get all the internal wires replaced.


2.     Your house is too old!

If your house is around 40 years old and you’ve never given rewiring a thought, you should do so now. If your home was built sometime before the 1970s, the chances are that the wiring is aluminum. These wires are more prone to overheating compared to copper wires which came to the fore after the 70s.

In addition, if you’ve added more appliances to your house recently, you need to upgrade the wiring. This is because old wiring might not be able to withstand the strain put on it by an increased number of appliances.  Other than appliances, many extension cords also put significant strain on wires and may cause them to overheat.

3.     Don’t ignore small problems!

Never wait for an appliance to completely short-circuit before tending to your home’s wiring. Look for minor problems. If the fuse trips every now and then, you see small electric sparks near the outlets, a burning smell doesn’t escape the room, or the lights keep on flickering at multiple places—you should be alarmed! If you see the same problem occurring at multiple places in the house, there’s something wrong with the wiring in general and not just that particular appliance.

It’s never too late o take the first step towards safety! If you’re looking for a professional electrician service to carry out home rewiring for you in Cypress, get in touch with RHK Electrical. All of their electricians are both licensed and certified. Contact them for further details.