No matter how old you get and how many days go by, you’ll be coming back to the idea of hanging out stockings on Christmas Eve. Whether or not you’re young enough to believe that a bearded old man will come by in the wee hours of the night, you still like doing it. And you’d also like putting in presents for your loved ones to find in the morning.

And guess what? We have some charming ideas to run by you.

What You’re Looking For

If you’re a lover of the modern farmhouse style home decor, you’ve got no right thinking that there aren’t relevant things which you could fit inside a stocking. In fact, you should rejoice since you have some of the best choices on board.

Modern farmhouse style pleasantries are usually elegant, chic, and mostly petite, which make them the perfect candidates for a stocking stuffer.

And Now, On to the Suggestions

Before we begin, here’s what you should be looking for:

  • Something small enough so that it can fit right in.
  • Something petite and elegant.
  • It must not look too new or too polished, but must have some rustic accents to it.
  • Since you’re going the modern farmhouse way, also ensure that whatever you’re putting in is minimalistic and delicate.


A Candle

Nothing spells Christmas better than a candle, since if the holiday had another name it would definitely be the festival of lights. And since you can’t just pop in a string of fairy lights into a stocking a nice little candle would make for the perfect stocking stuffing.


A Cement Bird

Since you can’t go around stuffing live birds into people’s stocking (that’s animal abuse by the way, and a little on the psychopathic side), how about a pretty little cement one instead? This little guy is creamy and stony, just like you’d expect in a modern farmhouse style décor.


A Photo Frame

Photo frames are always a great idea for a stocking stuffing, but one that is made of brass and glass is an even prettier option. You can insert a photo in them or get a small piece from a postcard or even a pressed flower. The possibilities are endless!


A Small Christmas Tree

A tree with a twist, this one is galvanized and has multiple ripples on its surface which give it a wavy visage. Made from metal and supplied with a sturdy metal base, the smaller one will fit right into a good sized stocking.

No Christmas without a Christmas tree, right?


Clock Faces

And not just any clock faces, but vintage clock faces small enough to evoke an “Aww!” from your guests! Extracted from antique watches and available in a set of 5, these will make a memorable stocking stuffing.

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