The roof of your house is like a protective covering that safeguards people and objects within it from the elements. Most roofs are built to withstand a number of harsh conditions, and can easily last you a couple of decades with proper maintenance.

According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), you should conduct a thorough roof inspection at least twice a year to detect problems before they turn into major expenses. A roof repair or replacement is a big job that can easily cost in the thousands.

Keep your roof in top shape with these few maintenance tips to nip a roofing problem in the bud:

Conduct regular inspections

Especially during the spring and fall seasons, conduct a thorough inspection of your roof to look for any signs of damage. This may include broken or missing shingles, sagging gutters, missing fasteners, loose flashing or a damaged drip edge.

A few broken or missing shingles can be easily replaced, but even a single broken shingle can cause water to seep in through the cracks, damaging the structure of the roof.


Remove Troublesome Trees

Low hanging trees that brush against your roof could damage the shingles or displace roof gutters. Such trees and branches pose significant threats during storms as tree branches could break and fall on the roof.

Leaves, twigs and fruit dropping from a high rising tree could clog gutters, leading water to end up in your attic, or seep through ceilings. This could also lead to algae production or water damage.

Check for streaking

Streaking usually occurs on the part of the roof which lies under shade and does not see a lot of bright sunlight. This gives it the perfect temperature conditions for algae, mold or fungus to form. If left unchecked, they can eventually damage roofing material and can lead to leaks and fungal damage.

Inspect the caulking

Flashing should always be intact. If it isn’t you may need to get your flashings caulked again to prevent water damage. If you notice signs of cracked or broken caulking or mortar around chimneys or joint, immediately call in an expert to conduct a resealing job.

Install Insulation

A properly ventilated roof is a mold free roof. Heat and moisture trapped within the roof can cause shingles to rot, as well as insulation to lose its effectiveness. The best way to ensure your roof gets proper ventilation is to install an efficient insulation barrier on the attic floor as well as a vapor retarder on the ceiling to prevent moisture from getting through to the roof.

If, after a large storm, a major portion of your roofing gets damaged, you may want to get a new roof installed. Offering a vast variety of roofing options in Southern Los Angeles County, Y & C Construction is your go-to roofing services provider for the residential, commercial or industrial sectors.