Rodent infestations are a major cause of concern for homeowners. Apart from inducing a minor heart attack every time someone comes across them, these vermin can cause extensive damage to food items, furniture and even clothing. Not to mention, they spread diseases directly and indirectly that can lead to serious infections—and even death.

To limit rodent-borne diseases, it’s crucial to keep these animals out of the house and away from edible food and human contact. If you’ve been setting bait and traps all over the house and haven’t seen encouraging results, it’s time to try these hacks so you can have a rodent-free home.

Close the Gaps

It’s critical that you inspect the foundation of your house completely. Over time, cracks and holes form in weaker spots that allow for the entry of rats and mice, as well as insects. These areas must be repaired immediately with a metal sheet. Alternatively, you can also use plaster of Paris to fill the holes.

A few other places that also need inspection include:

Door and Window Frames

Weather stripping can break the tight seal between doors and their frames. Similarly, there may be a broken window pane that needs to be fixed immediately to prevent ingress.


Whether you have trees and hedges in the backyard or around the house, inspect them and then trim overgrowing branches that can be used as a pathway by rodents to access your house.

Utility Openings

Just like trees, pipes can also be used by rodents to gain access. This includes sewage pipes, HVAC system pipes and chimney openings, to name a few. You will also need to secure vent screens with bars so the gaps are small enough to prevent entry.

Rodent Guards at Entry Points

Instead of setting traps inside the house, block entry points and set traps around them. You can’t always have a fully sealed house, so access points need to be protected by guards and rodent glue.

Preventive Tips

Make your home rodent-free by following preventive measures so you don’t have to deal with them at all.

Empty Out the Trash

Trash inside the house serves as a beacon for insects and rats. Even the garbage bins outside your house should be emptied on a daily basis or they’ll become a permanent home for several animals.

Keep Food Items Sealed

Don’t leave leftover food on countertops unprotected. All food items must be stored in containers or the refrigerator.

Don’t Leave Backdoor Open

You may be tempted to leave the patio or backdoor open on a hot summer day, but that only allows free entry to all kinds of animals.

Call the Professionals

If all else fails, call exterminators to get rid of the problem once and for all. With advanced pest management techniques, Xterminator Pest Control can help you. Just give them a call at 1-800-948-7378 if you’re based in Columbus, Ohio or surrounding areas.

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