It’s all about creating a certain flow when it comes to balancing out your indoor and outdoor patio designs!

With interior and exterior design, we often go a bit overboard with our creativity. And that’s when disaster strikes.

Sure, you could definitely go with a boho contemporary-style for your outdoor patio and a complete minimalist theme for the indoor space. But, that’ll just push your home’s design from comforting to magazine-cover worthy, and that can be a bad thing!

Yes, it looks beautiful, but it won’t likely feel like a space where one could stretch and relax in with friends!

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What Does Your Outdoor-Indoor Patio Need?

–         A Sense of Ease

And by that, we mean an easy path between the indoors and outdoors. Any sort of outdoor furniture you choose has to be appropriately sized. With indoors, you can choose to have some cozy features spread out here and there. But with outdoor patio furniture, for good traffic flow, the furniture would have to be limited to 2 – 3 seats, with two extra tables and at least 3 feet of clearance around each piece so there’s ease in movement.

–         Definite Zones

You already have designated zones on your indoor patio for relaxation and conversation. How about establishing corners and borders using trees and shrubs for the cooking zone, the dining zone and maybe a nook for a coffee break? Aside from helping you save money, separating different areas and keeping your seating options to the indoor patio will help you relax, knowing that the sun can’t get in your eyes!

–         Elements of Intimacy

Without walls and outdoor patio umbrellas, your outdoor space will just be open to the world, and that includes your neighbors. By adding a fence or perhaps shading the area with a trellis fixed with climbing plants, you’ll be able to block out the noise and maintain privacy. Not to mention that with this design, it’ll help you maintain that romantic, in-our-own-world feel we so love with indoor patios.

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–         The Dramatic Touch

An outdoor fire table or any other equally dramatic feature will be just the thing you’ll need to tie the whole theme of your indoors and outdoors together!

Without meaning to, we always circle back to the cozy, gathered around a campfire feel when we design interior-exterior spaces. So taking inspiration from that and adding a fire element will really be an investment you won’t regret when your whole family’s camped around the fire, listening to childhood stories!

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