Whereas your home’s indoor setting is chic, luxurious and the epitome of cozy glam, its outdoor setting is underwhelming in both personality and looks.

It’s not like you haven’t tried. But with your green thumb out-of-commission and an utter lack of furniture, you’re at a loss regarding how to give it the love it deserves.

If you feel like your outdoor patio is yearning for some TLC, don’t fret!

With these tips, you’ll have no problem transforming your outdoor patio from grim to glam!

1.     Add Some Space and Boundaries

Don’t like the open-space set-up you’ve got going on? Create boundaries by adding flooring options such as an outdoor rug or trellises to separate the area.

There are so many options you can choose from if you prefer privacy. Plant trees, hang planters, or simply place an outdoor umbrella so you have a quaint little hideaway. Just make sure to use weather-resistant fabrics for the furniture and umbrella so everything stays protected.


2.     Think of Your Outdoor Patio Furniture as an Investment

Patios are a luxury installment. Adding substandard furniture just because it’s cheap will only downgrade the look.

The average life of outdoor patio furniture is around 10 years, more if you take better care of it. Instead of picking furniture from a yard sale or off Craigslist, investing in it by choosing a known brand will work in your favor.

Choose reliable names like Libby Langdon and buy from her collections from PatioHQ. If you need help picking and choosing, ask them. A trusted company will do their best in helping you buy something you actually need, instead of just overselling their product.

3.     Designate a Place to Retreat

You want to make your patio a designated space for relaxation. But you can’t really have that with stiff-backed chairs and a small BBQ station in the corner.

Think comfort, with upholstered chair lounges and a full set of chairs surrounding a comfortable dining table. Add some glamour aspects here and there—like lanterns and comfy outdoor throw pillows. Throw in a hammock while you’re at it!

Again, go with weather-resistant fabrics so you don’t have to worry about bringing things in during rain storms or heat waves.


Feel the Heat

Got a large patio that needs some coziness?

With your perfectly landscaped outdoor space, the only thing that could glamorize it even more is a statement outdoor fire feature. Lanterns are all well and good and fairy lights do add a wonderful bit of pizzazz, but a fire table is the ultimate piece that can take your patio’s look to the next level.

Add a water feature like a fountain in the corner and you’ve got a slice of Eden you can call home!

fire tables

Add Some Natural Accessories

With the right shrubs, flowers, and added greenery, you can easily use nature’s jewels to make your patio look like paradise!

Before planting though, it’s always best to do your homework. Find out which plants require low maintenance, whether they need specific fertilizer, and if they need more water than average.

The more you know about your plants, the more informed your buying decision will be when you decide to go full-green with your patio.


Make Your Patio Luxurious!

All you have to do is exercise your creativity! With the right outdoor living patio furniture from PatioHQ, the right ideas and some good ol’ fashioned hard work, your patio will truly become the star of your home’s esthetic!