Architectural details provide a unique character and tell the history of every home.

With such traditional settings, you have to be very careful when handling any renovations. After all, as a property that was designed perhaps a century or two ago, making any changes to the structure might just damage the integrity of the design altogether.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you cannot take out the old and outdated features from the overall design. All you have to do is incorporate some clever changes with the help of a professional in the business!

How to Add to the Design of a Classic Home

– Mix Modern and Traditional Features

Contemporary furnishings, bleached tables and cabinetry, vintage lights – all of these are modern features that offer the perfect balance between modern and classic elements. Adding them to your home design will create a perfect design transition for your modern pieces such as a TV or computer, while adding to that traditional look.

– Add Symmetry in Color to Hide any Perfections

This would include your ceiling, trims and details, as well as the walls! A simple coat of a soft color will not only preserve and highlight those details; they’ll do so without making any imperfections stand out. Like repaired cornices or added window trimmings.

However, if your trimwork doesn’t require any coverage, it might be best to add a neutral contrast of the same hue to add some polish to the overall design.


– Use Drapery in the Right Places

Old, traditional homes are known for having small windows in some very awkward places. Concealing such windows by adding drapes to the complete wall will give the room a finished, clean look without blocking any light.

– Aim for Functionality

While traditional designs were indeed stylish and timeless, there isn’t much in terms of functionality to them. And that’s where a more modern touch comes in handy. By taking out any oversized, unnecessary elements, we can streamline the whole design, adding symmetry and coordination to the room’s design and more useful, in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

– Embrace Contemporary Design

There’s no need to make any radical changes when renovating your home. Rather than stripping your classic home of any traditional characteristics, the best way to preserve the overall look is by adapting a contemporary style, adding clean furnishings and a classic, soft color palette along with rich textures. This’ll take away from the otherwise stuffy look of a traditional design and will instead give it a luxurious finish.


Creating the Perfect Classic Home

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