If we were to say that [the] Pillows are a great form of entertainment, we wouldn’t be wrong. But of course, we’d be talking about the band.

But when it comes to spending time with loved ones, if you want to create a homely, stress-free environment, investing in the right cushion and pillows is the way to go.

But the debate—or pillow talk—concerns the amount of pillows you’ll need for your outdoor space. Some say 2 should be enough. Others feel the sky is the limit.

But all of this depends on the type of patio design you’re going for. So, many do you really need?

For A Private Space

If we’re talking about a small patio and creating an intimate corner, 3 are more than enough. Let’s say you’re keeping only a couch and a small teak table on your patio. You can go with four small throw pillows or go with 3 large cushions.

If the space is meant for only one person, these are the best options to consider. We recommend going with an odd number of large cushions because it’ll give the overall exterior of you space a “clean” look.

With small pillows, keep them to a minimum so they don’t like out-of-place punctuation marks.

For A Large Space

For a large and modern space, we recommend going with two to four large cushions. Fill up the sofa space for friends and family. For small pillows, we’d still recommend keeping them to a minimum.

Make everything colorful. Don’t go with the same patterned cushions. If you have a gray sofa set, then we’d recommend going with bright and bold colors such as electric pink and blue. You can also go with lime and cherry red.

pool patio

The Size

The sizes of the pillows also depend on the type of space you want to create. For a private space, we’d recommend going with pillows that 18 to 24 inches.

If you want to go with a traditional look or you’re creating a design for a large space, we’d recommend going with 20 to 22 inches.

Stick to four large cushions and pillows. Remember that more isn’t attractive, it’s a crowd and to create a comfortable outdoor space, keep it simple.

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