Large windows look absolutely gorgeous with contemporary home designs and they brighten up your place as well. But it can be a little bit tricky to maintain privacy with them.

Can’t figure out what to do with those large windows in your house to maintain privacy? We’ve got a few tips for you.

Use Textured Glass

Also known as frosted windows, textured glass is commonly used to diminish the onlooker’s view inside your house. The glass gives a misty appearance, warding off both, excessive sunlight and prying eyes.

It’s difficult to see much through textured glass. At most, it’ll give one a blurry view of the things—and people—on the other side of the glass. This holds true for both night-time when the indoor lights are switched on, as well as during daylight hours.

For large windows in your bedroom or kitchen, this is quite an effective option to maintain your privacy. The only downside is that you can’t really look out through the glass either, so you’ll be missing out on the view unless you open the window itself.

Go Green

Another way to tighten up your home’s privacy is by placing tall plants around the large windows. This is a particularly handy option for windows overlooking the porch or the front yard, as you can easily decorate the outdoor area with tall leafy plants.

Similarly, you can line your windowsills with potted plants and flowers as well, or get some tall indoor plants. This way, not only will you be covering up a good chunk of your window to maintain privacy, but will also be beautifying your home.

However, adding plants near your windows isn’t always a viable option. For this to work effectively, you need a considerable amount of space for the plants themselves, and have to keep up with their maintenance. It may be quite difficult or even impossible to do this in a multi-story apartment building, for example.

Cover Them Up

While the aforementioned ways help you maintain a certain level of privacy, they both have their share of disadvantages. A better way to go about it is by using window coverings, such as plantation shutters, blinds, and shades that not only protect your privacy but also lift up the room.

Plantation shutters are installed to the window. They come with slats that help in keeping out sunlight when you close them shut. In addition to sunlight, however, these shutters also help you guard your privacy by limiting an outsider from looking into your home.

Blinds too are very effective for this purpose. Similar to shutters, they too have slats which can be angled as per your liking. As a result, you can manage how much or how little you’d like outsiders to be able to see of your home.

Shades are also similar to shutters and blinds, minus the slats. Made of woven wood or fabric, they allow you to filter in light while giving you complete privacy. These are available in a variety of styles, each enhancing your room in a unique way.

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