Converting your simple backyard into a desert garden is already a complex task.

Throw in the design for the perfect patio into the mix and the job can seem impossible altogether, especially if you’re new to the world of exterior décor!

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Designing an outdoor desert patio might seem intimidating in theory. But if you have the right furniture, some choice tips, and a good enough budget, you’ll have no trouble converting your desert patio into a space worth loving!

Here’s What You Need

First, let’s figure out where you’ll buy your furniture from.

Typically, patio furniture does require a substantial budget since you’re investing in outdoor furniture that needs to stand the test of time and fashion. And that requires top-quality fabrics and material that doesn’t come cheap.

However, thanks to companies like PatioHQ that utilize classic outdoor décor designs for their furniture, you should have no trouble finding a collection online that suits your style without exceeding your budget.

Design Tips for Your Outdoor Desert Patio

Before we begin, keep in mind that desert landscapes have a different climate than that of your average green, lush landscape.

So some fabric choices and even styles might not suit your outdoor space. Choose furniture that matches your surroundings and weather as much as your personal taste.


–         Take Inspiration from Your Indoor Style

It’s very likely that you might have an urban style of interior décor in your living space!

Wicker furniture, breezy sheer curtains, plants here and there. Expand this style to the outdoors. Dot the boundary of your patio with cacti and other desert plants, place ornate-style lanterns to give it a touch of bohemian chic and add some classic desert design elements like cacti patterns and such for your throw pillows to really up the ante.

–         Make it Breezy

For a lot of people, their patios are a place of cozy comfort and relaxation. And that’s exactly what the guise you want your patio to embody as well. However, we must factor in humidity and air pressure. Adding too many “cozy” features will make the area seem congested. Instead, think ‘easy, breezy’! Choose softer, lighter colors for your furnishings; separate the seating area from your dining area by adding lights or curtains. You want the zone to have a light, airy feel.

–         Don’t Be Afraid to Add Texture

Wicker has for a long time, been associated with desert chic style. However, there’s no reason why you can’t mix things up by adding different materials into your décor. Glass, wood, concrete, metal—it’s all up to you. Mix and match different materials and use your own creativity to add some personal touches to the area.

–         Bring it in

Every room has a focal point. Your patio’s focal point is the outdoor seating area. So arrange your furnishings in a way that calls attention to it. Add a fire table and lanterns and perhaps an umbrella to create some shade. Despite not going for cozy, your main goal with patio design has to be to achieve the ultimate comfort.

patio tables

Feeling Inspired?

PatioHQ offers a huge selection of outdoor patio furniture on discount. Especially with summer rolling around, the company—founded by designer Libby Langdon—is even offering special offers and sales on popular pieces.

So put your imagination to good use. Buy your outdoor furniture from PatioHQ and implement the above tips in your desert patio design. Turn that barren outdoor into an oasis!