With the New Year just around the corner, many of you may be thinking about making small changes and improvements within the home. One of the things you could possibly be considering is getting your home window treatments changed.

Given that it may have been a while since you got this kind of work done, you might be thinking about what window treatment options are available to you.

Though window treatment options include shades, blinds, drapes, shutters and curtains, we’re only going to focus on the former two. If you’re looking into having shades or shutters installed around the beginning of 2019, here are some popular options you could consider:

Soluna ™ Roller Shades

Though roller shades have been around for a while, there are two things that put Soluna ™ roller shades in this list. The first is reliability by way of working mechanism. Roller shades are known to be well suited for extensive daily use. They do not require repair and maintenance very frequently.

The second thing that puts them on this list is the range of options available by way of fabric and design particulars. You may choose between solid and screen type fabrics in various shades as well as decorative fabrics if required.

As an added plus, Soluna ™ roller shades may be installed as manual or motorized and are available in dual fabric and light guard designs.

Centerpiece™ Roman Shades


You may be looking for an added element of aesthetic design and enhancement along with the same perks by way of functionality as you would receive with roller shades. Centerpiece™ roman shades manufactured by Norman® in such an instance may be a brilliant installation choice this year.

The cordless designs of these shades offer smooth, silent and hassle free lifting. Apart from being available in a range of fabric color and type options, shade design options include soft fold, flat fold and batten back flat fold. Child friendly, durable and elegant Centerpiece™ Roman Shades would make a fine aesthetic and functional contribution to your home!

Portrait™ Honeycomb Shades

Portrait™ honeycomb shades employ cellular shade technology and are known within the window treatment industry for their award winning designs. Conducive to homes with children as well as pets, these horizontal shades are adjustable from the bottom as well as from the top offering better light sealing.


They are also available in a range of opacities including light filtering, room darkening and translucent. Portrait™ honeycomb shades are available in a range of sizes including those suited to screen doors, large windows and skylights. They are also available in a selection of color options.

Wood Blinds


If you’re not concerned with child or pet safety and are more about aesthetic and elegance, wood blinds might be for you. Durable and energy efficient, the sizes and designs of wood blinds are customizable. The same offer impeccable craftsmanship and are made from basswood with a finish that you may customize.

Adding a warm touch to your space and offering durability, longevity and visual appeal, wood blinds are something you could look into installing in the home the coming year.

Winding Down

There are other window treatment options you could potentially look into having installed this year, which may suit your requirements better than those mentioned above. Clients located in Orange County and other parts of Southern California looking for window treatment options online may avail the services of companies like Creative Window Coverings. Such companies offer a complete and comprehensive range of window treatment options as well as installation services to customers and clients.

In any case, we hope the New Year and new home improvements are everything you hoped they would be!