If you’re living in North America, you likely didn’t know what MgO panels were until a few years ago. MgO panels are new to the West but in Asia, the use of MgO in construction dates back to the pyramids!

Magnesium oxide (MgO) was also discovered in the cement used to build the Great Wall of China; this is understandable since China happens to have one of the largest reserves of magnesium oxide in the world.

MgO panels are sheathing boards similar to classic cement boards and gypsum boards used in this part of the world. However, where the conventional gypsum and cement boards fall short, MgO boards excel.

Are you working on a construction project right now?

Here’s why MgO Panels are the right choice for you:

Fire Resistance

MgO panels are completely fire resistant and non-combustible, gypsum and cement boards aren’t. Using fire resistant materials to construct a building makes it safer for everyone.

If a fire does happen to break out in a room with MgO panels, it will be restricted to that room as the panels will prevent it from spreading.

Energy Efficient

We’re living in a time where we can see exactly how devastating Global Warming can be. It’s crucial that we do our part to preserve energy and prevent overheating of the planet.

Energy Efficient

MgO panels have proven to be far more energy efficient than gypsum and cement boards. In fact, gypsum and cement boards show more than 50% loss in R value compared to MgO boards.

With MgO boards you can use an HVAC system that is 40% smaller.

Resistant to Mold and Mildew

No one wants to construct a building that is susceptible to mold, mildew and bacteria. Such buildings will require continuous maintenance to prevent rot and deterioration.

When you use MgO in your construction projects, you won’t have to worry about the “Sick Building” problem that causes health issues due to mold damage. Magnesium oxide provides no nutritional energy, therefore, mold and insects have nothing to feed off from.

Water Resistance

MgO panels can absorb water without compromising their strength, making them excellent for areas of high humidity and moisture in the air.

Quicker Construction and Superior Craftsmanship

Construction projects typically take longer than they need to. When you use MgO panels, you can actually speed up construction because they don’t require insulation, frames or application of vapor barriers.

They don’t just enhance overall safety and quality of the site, they also improve workmanship.

Want to reap the benefits of MgO in your next construction project? Get in touch with a trusted supplier of MgO boards near you.

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