An accomplished team, a professional work ethic, good returns on investment, and a thriving market share – but does all of this put together suffice for your business to champion among the target market?

Certainly not.

What makes your brand stand out are all the above mentioned factors coupled with an equally aesthetically appealing office look.

If your office gives off dull vibes, you can always brighten it up with not just furniture but also blossoming shades of green. Yes, we’re talking about office plants!


Below is a list of low maintenance plants that could add life to your office entrance.

Quartz Rose Verbena

Well known for blossoming across pretty much every season Texas has endured, this beauty isn’t just tolerant in the face of tough climates, but also well-suited to be placed in containers of all shapes and sizes to fit the need of the office. They also make a visually appealing groundcover, which together with blooming red petals give your office peers the early morning mood boost that they need!

“Lord Baltimore” Hibiscus

Being a nationwide favorite for the longest time and well suited for the weather of Texas, the Hibiscus blooms the best in the sun making it a good choice for an office exterior or front yard.

Its huge petal-based structure makes it very showy and brings it to the attention of a visitor instantly, hence adding to a visually appealing first glance of the office.Picture12


Its ability to grow and shoot out vibrantly in shady areas makes it a good pick for an indoor setting. The species of Hydrangeas available in Texas are spread over a wide range.


The unique feature which makes them stand out is that they allow their color to be controlled and adjusted to suit the interior of your office by equally adjusting pH levels of the soil.


Essentially a low maintenance plant and a shade loving plant, the Rhododendron is at its best when kept well-sheltered from dry winds. They’re low grown plants and come in a variety of colors. Being resistant to the summers of Texas, they offer a good sight for your office front door

Belinda’s Dream Rose

They say dreams are made of roses—most rightfully so. This particular specie is not only (by nature) well-equipped to withstand the heat of Texas but blossoms across most part of the year. It’s also known for its extensive flowering ability. Baby pink in color and drenched in a strong fragrance, these make your office garden a treat to watch.

Woo your potential clients by making them feel welcome in your office. Commercial landscaping services help to beautify the otherwise unexciting workplace.

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