Epoxy flooring is ideal for commercial spaces. It gives them a brilliant shine which attracts customers. You’re bound to get compliments on the flooring if you go with this option. The epoxy coating preserves the concrete underneath and provides many other benefits too.

If you’re looking for tips to maintain epoxy flooring in high traffic areas, here’s what the experts have to say:

Mop it up

Commercial spaces receive hundreds of visitors a day; they bring in dust, debris, and many other particles that settle on the epoxy flooring. This can take away its brilliant shine and make it look dull. The bigger the particles on the floor, the more damage they can do to the floor coating.

Sharp objects like metal, plastic, and large dust particles can scratch the surface and affect its gloss. As a result, your commercial floorings can end up looking shabby and unmanaged.

floor scrub

Microfiber mops are ideal for such surfaces. They help maintain the shine while getting rid of all the dust and grime. The soft material is gentle on the resin. The flooring should be mopped at least once a day to avoid any dust buildup.

Wet wash

Dry dusting is good for daily cleaning, but washing the epoxy flooring once a week is vital. Some dust and grime particles harden over the period of a few days and cannot be swept away with a microfiber mop. Some stains can also be tricky to get rid of. Wet washing the floor is the answer. Use a foam, microfiber, or string mop to clean the floors. Warm water is ideal for removing dust buildup.

Avoid detergent based cleaners

Detergents have many chemicals in them that strip the flooring of its shine and vibrant color. No matter how stubborn a stain, don’t use any soap-based cleaners to wash the floor. They tend to also leave a haze on epoxy flooring. This haze builds up layer by layer, which can make the floor slippery, while making it look unkempt.

Surface cleaners

Some stains can seem impossible to remove with just water and a mop. You can make a light solution of chemical cleaners to remove such stains. Mix two ounces of clear ammonia in water and clean the floors. Store bought cleaners that aren’t soapy can be used too. Make sure you test it out on a small patch first to check for fading and other possible damage.

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