A wood fence adds style, security and privacy to any home. However, wood fence can rot or warp easily. Thus, it needs to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.

Here are some simple cleaning and maintenance tips to extend the life of your wooden fence:


Check all parts of the fence to ensure everything is secure. Some parts may come off over time. Use glue and clamps to fix minor issues with your wooden fence.

In addition, inspect fencing pickets to ensure nails are in place. If you see any loose nails, use a hammer to fix them. You should replace a rotting or broken picket immediately.


In order to keep your wooden fence looking beautiful and shiny, you will have to repaint or stain it every few years.
Simply use a paintbrush or a roller to do this. Many people use a paint sprayer as well. But, make sure you don’t overspray the fence.

Using a paintbrush or roller makes it possible to get into all corners of the fence. Apply a thin coat of paint on the fence and let it dry. Once it dries, you can apply the second paint coat. Use a high quality paint or sealant to protect your fence against external elements.

How to Maintain Your Wooden Fence


Use caulk to protect your fence from damage. Place caulk between the wood fence and concrete fence posts. This is the best way to keep out moisture and extend the life of the wooden fence.


Wooden fence requires regular cleaning. Gently scrub the wooden fence with water and a mild detergent to get rid of dirt. Use a garden hose to clean it.

Other tips

Apply a high quality wood preservative to protect the material from rotting.

Keep a watchful eye on fungi and mildew growth. They are likely to occur on the fence after heavy downpours. You will need anti-fungal products to remove mildew and fungi.

Also, keep plants away from the wooden fence. When in contact with wooden fence, topsoil or shrubbery makes it possible for insects to destroy the fence.

Therefore, make sure your home plants don’t touch the fence. Trim your backyard regularly and brush away topsoil from the wooden fence posts.

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