Most of us are no strangers to the fact that lighting makes a world of difference to the general appearance of a room. You don’t need a diploma in interior design to be able to recognize how it transforms the ambiance and impacts your mood as well.

Most of us have certain preferences when it comes to the kind of lighting we have in our homes. On the other hand, we don’t get much of a say in our workplaces, because it’s the usual overhead fluorescent lighting throughout. That’s where home offices come in!  The best part about having a home workspace, other than the fact you get to work in your pajamas, is that you get to design your own space.

Here are some tips to make sure your productivity doesn’t waiver while you work hard at home.

Let in some natural light

Natural light is brighter than artificial lighting, not to mention, a lot cheaper. You can choose to cover any windows or entrance points that open to the outdoors with blinds so you can control how much light is let in. You can also leave it uncovered; just remember that letting in light also means letting in more heat. Be mindful of that when you’re making a decision.


Go for indirect lighting

Direct, parabolic lighting often resembles corporate cubicle settings and can be off-putting. It’s better for your eyes and your attention span as well to opt for lensed, less direct lighting in the ceiling fixtures.

Arrange furniture wisely

When you’re rearranging furniture or furnishing the room for the first time, make sure to do it in a way to prevent reflected glare on your laptop or monitor screen at your workstation. You can use larger pieces of furniture to block light if need be.

Space out the light fixtures

Make sure the entire office is well-lit in a uniform manner. Or else some areas may be too dark or too bright. You can also do this by avoiding placing light fixtures within the line of sight. When installing them in walls, make sure you leave more than three inches of space, otherwise you’ll have sharper areas of shadow and light on your hands.

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