It’s past midnight and you can hear that persistent dripping of water. You double check all faucets. No luck.

15 minutes in, and you’ve guessed it. There’s a leak in the plumbing line. It’s not just the irritating sound; a leak is also dangerous for your house.


It might appear small at first glance, but can prove to be disastrous if not repaired at the right time. Your pipeline may burst, costing you a fortune at the end of the month. To save yourself from all these problems, learn the main cause of the leakage. Here are 5 reasons why pipes break or leak.

1. Corrosion:

Rusty pipes are a sign of corrosion. With the passage of time, metal starts to corrode and losses its strength. It can create holes in the pipe and result in leaks and breaks.

If you’re residing in an old neighborhood and didn’t get a chance to get your plumbing lines checked, now might be the right time.


2. High Water Pressure:

Water flows in the pipes under high pressure. It’s the reason behind an uninterrupted flow when you turn your faucet on. Sometimes, the pressure exceeds a certain limit and may create cracks in the pipeline.


Excessive water pressure can cause pipes to break. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary to avoid such situations.

3. Changes in Temperature:

Harsh weather doesn’t just affect human beings but also change the properties of a metal. It expands and contracts with changing temperature. Extreme weather conditions can lead to cracks and holes in the pipes causing it to leak.

Contact a professional for regular inspection of your plumbing system.

4. Clogged Drains:

Not everything goes down the drain. Plastic, food and hair are the main culprits behind clogged drains. They create hindrance in the water flow and damage the pipes. A blocked pipe can burst and cause flooding in your house. Make sure you’re not dumping everything in your sink. In case of emergencies call a trusted plumbing company in Fort Worth TX.


5. Loose Connectors:

One of the most common reasons why pipes leak is a loose connector. The connectors holding your pipes together may loosen up with time or due to a sudden jerk. Shifting of home appliances like dishwasher and washing machines can also be one of the reasons. Always call an experienced plumber for repairs and maintenance.

So, are you tired of the dripping sound? Looking for a slab leak repair in Fort Worth? It’s time to call the best plumbing service in town. For emergency plumbing in Fort Worth, call 817-244-0614.