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Start small and learn the basics of how your water heater system works. Here are some tips to look after your home water heater unit to ensure it lasts a long time.

Know Where Your Water Heater Is Located

The best place to start is your storage room, kitchen or bathroom. Don’t forget to check the attic as some houses have a sophisticated plumbing system where pipes, valves, ducts, and wires need to be tucked away.


Know What Type of Water Heater You Have

To maintain it, it’s important that you know what type of water heating system you have installed in your residence. Is it a traditional unit with a storage tank or a tankless heater system? Does it use electricity to heat water or does it light with propane or natural gas?

Look for valves and pipes and see if they’re connected to the main electrical line or the gas line. Check your utility bills to uncover the highest energy usage.

Once you know the kind of water heater you have, it’ll be easier to communicate with maintenance services and obtain pricing for maintenance or repairs.

Know How to Turn Off The Water

It’s better to learn as much as you can beforehand rather than be clueless when you need the information the most. In case of a water or gas leak or a fuse trip, be prepared to turn off the water supply, disconnect the water heater unit and stay safe.

The main shut-off valve is typically located above the water heater unit, near the cold side piping system. The gas valve is also usually located near the side panels and can be turned off using a wrench. To avoid an electrical spark, disconnect all the wires from the circuit breaker.

Drain or Flush Your Water Heater

No matter which type of water heater you’ve installed, they require regular upkeep and maintenance. A thorough cleaning of the unit is recommended every 6 months. Hard water minerals and debris buildups can cause the water heater to malfunction.


To avoid a damaged water heater system, flush the valves and the electrical device inside and drain the white scaly sediment buildup.


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