Your outdoor patio area has potential. You just have to find some way to tap into it.

You’ve narrowed down your design and style choices by opting for a cozy, comfy theme. But what’s next? Do you get those waterproof beanbags out in the garden, or buy a couple of hammocks with a fire pit and fairy lights to really brighten up the place?

While both options are perfectly fine, we think that for your small cozy outdoor area, you should go a bit further.

Think ‘small, private sanctuary’!

–         Choose Smaller Furniture for a Smaller Space

Don’t have enough space for a full patio set? How about a small table and a couple of chairs instead! Companies such as PatioHQ offer plenty of furniture for small patios, so you should have no trouble finding the right set. But keep in mind; always choose lighter colors and furniture that fits the square footage of your outdoor area. You don’t want to end up getting a set that’s two sizes too big!

patio cushion

–         Never Underestimate Greenery

Plants have a way of tying the look of the place together. If you’ve got a somewhat bland patio that’s in need of some color, adding hanging plants, herbs or even a small vegetable garden will go a long way in livening things up.

–         Choose Floor Seating

Especially if you’re renting the place, adding floor seating by using cushions and simplistic furniture will not only give you more space to use, it’ll serve double-duty; by functioning as a seating area and adding color and texture to the décor.

throw pillows

–         Make a Special Space for Cocktail Hour

You have a small seating area, but what about when you just want to be by your lonesome in a quaint, cozy nook? Pull up a chair and add a small side table, separating it with a trellis or some sheer weather-proof curtains so you can have your own small space. For added comfort, place a few outdoor throw pillows to amp up the cozy factor.

–         Get Some Shade

Think of your outdoor patio umbrella as an investment in your patio design. Aside from keeping your furniture protected from the sun rays, the umbrella will add a sense of luxury and refinement as well. Not to mention that with the top space covered, you’ll truly be in a secluded space of your own.

patio chairs

Are You Ready?

Go to PatioHQ and search for the best patio furniture that would suit your outdoor space. And utilize your own creativity with the tips above so your patio can truly be a ‘personal’ slice of Eden!