Most people underestimate the extent of property damage resulting from water leaks until they experience it themselves. Billions of dollars are spent to cover property losses due to water damage each year with 93% of all cases being preventable. Not only does it have a negative effect on the look of a house but also impacts its resale value. Water leaks can play havoc on your homes as well as your health.

In this post, we take a look at just how dangerous water leaks can be.

Fungal or Mold Growth

When it comes to your health, mold and fungi growth represent a major threat. They produce spores that fill the air in your house and prove detrimental to your health. Even houses that do not suffer from water leakages have traces of such spores proving almost impossible to get rid of. If left in dry areas, they lay dormant and don’t pose any kind of threat but when they come into contact with water, they grow and proliferate, polluting the environment they inhabit. Symptoms of mold spores include nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, and difficulty in breathing. For those with a weaker immune system, it can lead to far more complicated and severe health problems. Infants exposed to mold have a greater chance of developing asthma.

Devalues the Property

Even if you fix water-related damages, the effects can remain. This puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to selling your home to a potential buyer. Fixing water leaks early on saves you from future troubles.

Musty Smells

Leaking pipes usually leave musty smells behind. It’s an odor that’s easily noticeable. If you encounter such an odor in your bathroom even after cleaning it several times, that’s a strong sign of a nearby water leak.

Structural Damage

Water leaks can cause serious damages to your home that can be pretty expensive to repair. The immediate effects are discoloration of the walls, streaks, sagging, and staining. When the walls begin to absorb water, they swell and warp and if unattended for too long, will compromise your home’s structural integrity. The problem becomes far more serious if the affected structures are support beams. In fact, water damages resulting from plumbing system failures cost an average of $5,092 in damages.

Discolored and Sagging Walls

If a white wall suddenly begins to display a yellow or off-white stain, then it’s a sure-shot sign of a hidden water leak. These leaks also cause water to accumulate in a fixed spot and will begin to flow beyond a certain point which is when the walls begin to sag.

The author of this guest post is an avid plumbing enthusiast at Your1Plumber and helps troubled homemakers find qualified Columbia plumbers, Maryland.