Got a damaged roof? Bad weather is a common cause of roof damage. With winter around the corner, it’s important to make sure that your roof can withstand snow, hail and rain.

Along with causing damage to the roof and gutter of your home, heavy snowfalls and icy winds can weaken its foundation. Here are some simple ways to protect your roof from weather hazards this winter:

Clean rain gutter

The rain gutter at your home can accumulate debris and leaves over time. This is especially true if you don’t clean your gutter system regularly.

A clogged gutter prevents proper drainage, leading to leaks and growth of mold and mildew. A leaky roof can cause significant damage to the structure of your property.

That is why it is essential to clean rain gutters every year before winter.

Inspect shingles

Shingles are designed to protect a roof from weather-related damages. Before every winter season, inspect your roof and shingles. Shingles can fade, crack or lose granules due to wear and tear.

If you see cracked, damaged, missing or deformed shingles, have them replaced immediately to prevent leaks.

When choosing new shingles, make sure the material is strong enough to withstand heavy winds, hail, snow, storm and other weather events.

Address leaks

From cracked shingles to missing flashing, there are several different reasons for a leaky roof. Roof leaks need to be addressed urgently. The longer you wait the more structural damage you face.

Check the attic of your home for signs of water stains. If you notice water signs, call up a professional roofing company.

Otherwise, moisture from the snow may get into your home and your heated air may leak out.

Check flashing

In addition to damaged shingles, damaged flashing can lead to leaks. Make sure your roof flashing is in topnotch condition before the start of winter.

Flashing connects roofs to the chimney, windows, vents and other components. Broken, missing or damaged flashing must be replaced.

Look for sagging roof areas

If you notice some areas of your roof sagging, contact a professional contractor to fix the issue before winter. Otherwise, the extra weight of snow and ice can aggravate the problem.

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