Spas are one of the most successful businesses that exist out there. They serve as the perfect ways to unwind and relax.

Spa owners need to take care of many aspects of their premises. They need to be clean at all times, while maintaining that relaxing vibe clients look for.

The aesthetic of a spa is vital to its success. The visual appeal plays a big part in its success. When choosing flooring options for your spa, there are a few options for you to choose from.


Many salons tend to do away with the traditional carpet, tile, and even wood panels. They find that stripped back cement flooring is rustic and gives the edginess they are looking for. It is no doubt, a very cost-effective way to get done with the flooring of the spa. However, it can look quite cold and stark; customers may not particularly find it relaxing either.

If you do opt for cement flooring, make sure it is sealed in well. Cement is known to be permeable and can begin to grow mold if left moist for too long. As a salon owner, you need to make sure the surface is smooth to avoid staff or clients from tripping on any raised areas.

Ceramic Tiles

Hair salons are known to have ceramic tiles. Such flooring makes it easy to sweep up hair, dust, and debris. Ceramic tiles are resistant to staining and moisture. You need to be careful of chemical spills, they will damage the tiles.

The tiles don’t do too well under pressure too.  Because they are made of ceramic, they aren’t the strongest surface option out there. They are prone to breaking, especially if something weighty falls on it.

spa interior

Wood Flooring

Wood floorings are popular in many businesses. They are an expensive investment today. Depending on the thickness and color of the panels you choose, the price of hardwood flooring will differ.

Wooden flooring is also difficult to maintain. It stains easily and loses its luster especially in high traffic.  As appealing as wood flooring sounds, it’s not the best option for a spa or beauty salon.

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is a resin compound used to cover concrete. This flooring option comes out on top in terms of affordability. It is easy to install and has a stunning reflective surface that matches well with the aesthetic of a relaxing spa. You can create bespoke designs with this flooring option, setting your spa apart from others.

This flooring is very strong and resistant to all kinds of liquids and chemicals. It is also very sanitary since unlike other flooring options it cannot harbor allergens and bacteria.

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