Over 33 percent of Canada’s population lives in some type of apartment setting. If you’re moving into your first apartment then this can be an exciting journey because you can set it up any way you like!

You can paint the walls, set up a mini fridge in your bedroom and get an oversized lava lamp in your lounge. Of course, there’s always the being-an-adult element to moving in and there might be a few things you’ll need to keep in your new home.

We understand that first-time moves are overwhelming and we’re here to help you settle in the best way you can. So buckle up and let’s go shopping!

Get Cleaning Supplies

One of the first things that you must do when you kick off the moving process is to clean your new home. Get paper towels, trash bags, surface cleaner sprays, mops, and wipes. If you’ve already moved in all your furniture then get a vacuum cleaner to keep dust from settling onto the sofas and couches.

Mattress and Couch

You’re going to need to sleep on your first night in the new apartment. Sleeping on the floor could hurt your back but setting up a bed doesn’t mean you need to call in a carpenter to fix you a bed frame and fancy side tables.

Mattress and Couch

Invest in a mattress and get several bed sheets to make for a comfortable stay while you set up everything else. Likewise, get at least one couch so you have some extra space to sit if someone decides to visit you. Talk with your local movers so these items get shipped to your new home at the earliest.

Figure Out Storage Space

If you’re living alone then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to set up the whole place in one day. Plus, unpacking and setting up items to furnish your new apartment will take time as you figure out the wall paint, flooring and lighting issues.

That means you’ll need some storage space to keep the rest of your furniture away. We suggest you contact a local moving company that’ll keep your household items with them in their storage facility. You can have them safely moved back into your apartment when you’re ready.

Kitchen Items

Whether you move locally or to a new state, you know you’re going to need food to survive. Ordering take out can be a convenient option but you’ll just be spending money unnecessarily. Get a hold of kitchen crockery and utensils so you’ve got all the pots, pans and plates to get the cooking done. Even if you don’t cook, you’ll need some appliances to store the rest of your food. Make sure you have a toaster and microwave handy. You can always hire professional movers to move the bigger stuff like the refrigerator and water dispenser.

We’ve put up a checklist of some of the very basic items you’ll need to set up your apartment. However, there’s more stuff that you’ll have to check for, including bathroom supplies, first aid kits, and electronic appliances. Take the stress out of moving and hire a moving company to help you settle in. Wiebe’s Moving & Storage also provides clients in Winnipeg with free packing supplies and storage facilities at reasonable rates.