Bubble wrap—check!

Masking tape—check!

Cardboard Box—NOT check?!

A cardboard box might seem like an ordinary item to you, but to a mover, it’s nothing less than a sacred object. Finding this packing essential can become quite difficult when it’s time to start preparing for your big move.

To make the search of cardboard boxes easier for you, here’s a list of places where you can find a ton of them.

Your Neighbours

It always best to start looking from the nearest places. Ask around your neighborhood for cardboard boxes; it’s possible someone recently bought a TV or had a bulky object delivered. Better yet, maybe a new family just moved in a few houses down yours; they might give you the empty box for free.

In addition, if you’re active on social media, you can ask your friends for help by putting up a status on Facebook, or posting a tweet on Twitter.

Local Retailers

Your local retailer receives large shipments every day. It’s basically a cardboard boxes paradise; you’ll definitely find boxes of all shapes and sizes. You can visit your nearest Costco or Walmart to find lots of cardboard boxes.

Your Office

Your office building is a great spot for you to get empty cardboard boxes for free. Tons of papers and office supplies are delivered to your workplace every day. Ask around to find the right person to take you to the recycling room and choose the best cardboard boxes that fit your needs.


Local Schools

Just like offices, schools also order supplies for daily use. You can try getting in touch with the janitorial staff at your children’s school to ask them for empty boxes.


You’ll find some of the strongest and good quality cardboard boxes at your local bookstores. They receive delivery packages of latest books regularly. These boxes will be perfect for some of your heavier belongings.

Grocery Stores

Chances are people already know you at the grocery store you frequently visit. Asking them for boxes of their daily supplies won’t be difficult. They restock items every day, there’s no shortage of cardboard boxes. They’ll probably be happy to help you out.

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