The start of winter brings with it cool winds and the possibility of snow. Do you have a wooden fence installed around your property? The changing weather means increasing moisture can cause damage to the wooden structure.

Chain-link fences, while sturdy and strong, can get rusty after only one snow storm! Of course, this is the case if it is not well-maintained.

Changing weather should always bring fence maintenance to the forefront of your mind! Following are some easy fence maintenance tips:

Invest in Water Proof Fence Stains

Long-term exposure to sunlight and heat damages fences the most, brought on during the spring and summer season.

Winter brings a different host of issues. Prolonged exposure to moisture from rain or snow weakens wooden fence fibers. Homeowners mostly use high quality wood materials for their fence installation, but such damage can still affect structural integrity.

Additionally, prolonged exposure to the cold elements puts your wooden fence at further risk for mold, mildew and rot.

Opting for waterproof wood staining on your fence is a good idea. Is your fence made of natural wood? Make sure to use an oil-based product!

Conduct Regular Cleaning of Cement Footings

Yes, this is the very last thing people feel like doing when it’s freezing cold outside. However, regular cleaning of cement footings is really essential.

Doing this will increase life of your fence and also improve aesthetics.

winter fence maintenence

Accumulated moisture leads to formation of cracks on the cement. This can be prevented if cement footings are kept free of snow, dirt, and fallen leaves.

Avoid Piling Items to the Fence

Privacy fences are meant for one purpose only—providing privacy from the passersby outside. This divider is sometimes used as a long cement wall, where yard equipment and ladders are either hung or stored.

What happens to this collection during the winter? Snow and ice get accumulated, piling on top of the items and compromising integrity of the fence.

Repair Damaged Sections Immediately

Any level of damage on even a single section will compromise the structural integrity of the entire fence! Overtime, this will bring on more complications of a serious nature, either during or after the winter months.

Inspect your fence (ideally before winter begins) and see which parts need to be repaired as soon as possible by a professional fence repairer.

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