“Don’t ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up” Robert Frost.

There are many reasons why homeowners prefer fences around their property – security, a boost in resale value, and providing privacy and safety to the inhabitants reign as the most important.

Of course, homeowners should consider every aspect of fence installation when giving this project to a residential fence installation company in Atlanta. Following are some frequently asked questions about fence installation.  How many did you think about?

What Needs to Be Done Before Residential Fence Installation?

Following a few steps can make fence installation even easier:

  • Clear the fence line of branches, yard materials and other obstructions
  • Inform neighbors about the fence installation project so they can be prepared
  • Check with your local homeowner’s association or community for any restrictions

What Will the Fence’s Height Be?

Standard fence heights in residential areas are usually four, five, or six feet. However you can choose to have higher fence heights if you require.

Allowed height requirements of the residential area in question should also be considered before deciding the perfect fence height.

wooden fence

Which Fence Type Is Less Expensive?

Fence installation company Same Day Fence offers clients three of the most reliable fencing options, namely wood, chain link and vinyl.

Chain link fences are relatively inexpensive compared to wooden and vinyl options. Choosing to install a wood, ornamental iron or vinyl fence are far costlier.

Does Somebody Have to Be Home When Fence Installation Begins?

This is a commonly asked question considering not all homeowners can stay at home to supervise installation.

Fortunately, you won’t have to hover around the fence installation crew if an experienced company is hired.

You will have to meet the installation crew briefly on the first day of the project where you’ll be shown the specifics.

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Can the Fence Follow a Downhill Slope?

Most standard aluminum fence sections are erected in a way that the structure can follow contour of the ground. This is call racking in the fence installation world. How does this technique work?

The fences drop about one foot over the 6” length of a section. Fence sections are usually fabricated especially if a greater slope is required. This is called double-punched sections.

Are there any more questions in your mind, not covered here? Call Same Day Fence, for fence installation and repair services in Atlanta.