There is nothing worse than getting into the shower and being assaulted by freezing cold water.

But this indicates one thing: Your water heater isn’t working. Instead of getting drenched in cold water, you would have preferred a warning sign.

Well, water heater problems are way more common than you think, and so are the warning signs. Not sure if your water heater is malfunctioning?

Here’s what you should look for:

1. Temperature fluctuations

If your water isn’t as hot as it is supposed to be or if it’s not cold when the heater is switched off, then it has a fluctuation problem. This means that the temperature you have set for the appliance is not regulated.

Check the thermostat and adjust the temperature accordingly. Still got a problem? Call a professional plumber to fix it for you.

2. No heating

If the water isn’t getting heated at all, then there can be a number of problems. Your heating unit might have a broken heating element. If you have a natural gas based heating unit, its gas thermocouple might not be functioning. You will need to get these parts repaired or replaced.

3. Noise problems

If there are any creaking, banging, or knocking sounds coming from the heating unit, your unit may have a sediment buildup. Or perhaps, the heating element is burning out. You need to get it replaced.

4. Water leakage

Check if water is leaking out of your heating unit. Leaking might not be apparent, so check if there is water standing below the heating unit. If you suspect that your water heater is leaking, you should call a plumbing company immediately. It could result in flooding and may cause other plumbing issues too.

5. Bad odor

Do you smell a foul odor? This is a sign that your unit has fungus growing inside the tank. This is more common with storage heaters as the standing water allows mold to grow. If it consistently smells bad, then the heater is near its breaking point. It’s time to call emergency plumbing services!

6. Metallic taste

A slight metallic taste is a result of either fungus or rusting inside the tank. Corroded insides will easily break the rest of the tank.

A water heater usually lasts 10 years. If it’s been long enough, don’t wait for these signs to appear. Get the heater replaced soon. American Ace Plumbing provides emergency services for all plumbing related issues.