Imagine walking into your pizza parlor or restaurant to find that your commercial refrigerator broke down in the middle of the night. More than seeing it, you will smell the now rotten ingredients. We agree: it’s a nightmare!

Managing a foodservice business is a difficult task. You have to keep your staff trained, the food fresh, and the customers happy. In addition, you have to make sure none of the refrigerators break down, with perishables stored in them.

Turbo Air reach-in refrigerators are reliable commercial restaurant equipment, requiring low maintenance. However, fixing small damages in time can help prevent larger ones.

Regularly check the refrigerator

If you want to catch a problem in time, you have to make sure that you routinely check the refrigerator for damages. Schedule a maintenance plan if your business owns multiple refrigerators. This will help you keep track of each individual unit and recognize a problem earlier on.

Diagnose problems

Not every problem with a refrigerator system is apparent. Look for problems with cooling by making sure the temperature is what it should be.

For instance, if it’s not cooling as much as it did previously, then you have a problem.

Also note if the refrigerant is leaking, if coils are frosted and if the thermostat is not reading the temperature correctly.

Evaluate the challenge

Before you move ahead with repairing the problem, consider if it’s manageable for you. Some fixes will be easier for you while others will be difficult. Decide whether you can or can’t manage it yourself.

Repair small damages yourself

Easy fixes include replacing light bulbs, shelves, knobs and water filters. Most people will also find it easy to repair latches, hinges, door closers, gaskets and even fans. If you think you can manage the repair yourself, then proceed, but with caution.

Keep your own safety in mind. Start with unplugging the unit. Use the manufacturer’s instructions provided with the manual as a guide. If they have a customer support service, you should call them up. They will walk you through the repair and make your work a lot easier.

Call a professional for serious damages

Working with compressors, condensers, evaporator coils and motors is a lot more challenging. If your refrigerator still has a valid warranty, then call the company and get the equipment repaired. Otherwise, call a professional technician who can get the repairs done.Are you looking for quality commercial restaurant equipment? Visit Chef’s Deal Restaurant Equipment for a variety of commercial refrigeration options.