When it comes to outdoor patio furniture, you’re probably wondering, “Why can’t I have both qualities in my choice of outdoor equipment”?

Is it necessary that if your furniture is beautiful and well-balanced in design, it can’t be comfy for your back and tush? Or that if it’s comfy enough to sleep in, it can’t be esthetically-pleasing?

In truth, there’s no law that says such a thing.

‘Comfortable’ outdoor furniture is easily available.

However, the place where you hit a roadblock is when you try looking for comfortable, beautiful, and dirt-cheap furniture.

Outdoor furniture, while substantially more expensive than your average plastic chair set, isn’t that out of range to begin with.  But because of the perception that it’ll cost an arm and a leg, a lot of people end up buying cheap furniture which doesn’t look or feel good.

This is why your source of outdoor furniture matters.

By finding the best store for your outdoor set, you can easily save money and not worry about old, rickety pieces ruining the look of your beloved home’s outdoors.

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The ‘Right’ Outdoor Furniture—A Guide

First, let’s find the right store.

You want three things from your purchase; an appealing style, comfortable design, and a price tag that won’t make you baulk. The best way of finding such a source is by going with reliable names in the industry.

Search for brands and interior designers that offer outdoor living patio furniture along with their basic furniture line. For example, if you prefer designs by Libby Langdon, then you’ll definitely love her outdoor patio furniture line at PatioHQ. Inexpensive and charming, the quality of their collections ticks all the right boxes.

Know Your Conditions

Do you always have dry weather and blue skies where you live? Does it rain more than average in your area? What about your basic cleaning habits?

These are just some of the factors that go into choosing the right outdoor furniture. If you receive more sun or rain, opting for all-weather furniture with outdoor patio furniture covers will be the right choice. Also, regarding design, choosing something simple instead of ornate will save you from having to clean daily.

A simple cleaning with a dust buster should do the job and loosening the dust from the tiny crevices.

Focus on Comfort

You’ve found the right store for your patio furniture, so you should have no trouble on the esthetic front. Choose something that looks and feels comfortable.

For example, choose a fabric that’s resistant to mildew and to fading. As for color-coordination, find a theme that complements your indoor design. Don’t just go with natural colors like wood, beige, black or white. If you’ve gone simple with your indoor furnishings, add a splash of vibrancy by going all out with outdoor patio cushions.

Choose recliners, rockers and chaise lounges with comfortable seating and a hammock too if you like to stretch outdoors while reading a good book.

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Add a Touch of ‘You’ to Your Outdoors!

Use all the information above to give your home’s patio a gorgeous look!

Shop at PatioHQ, choose the right colors and aim for comfy chic. There’s a world of options out there. You just have to be smart enough (and informed enough) to make the right choices!