There’s a lot more to laundry than just throwing the clothes in the washing machine at the end of the week. For starters, all clothes are different from each other and have specific laundry requirements. You need to inspect clothing labels before washing the clothes.

Silk is a good example. This is a delicate fabric that should never machine washed. Similarly, there are several other clothing items that shouldn’t be washed in homes. Let’s take a look at these:

Dark Colored Silk

Some silk fabrics can be hand washed, however; you need to be careful with the dark colored ones. Color in these fabrics bleeds and can stains the clothes.

One way to determine if that’s a problem with your fabrics is to wet the fabric a bit and rub it with a towel. If you see a stain, you need to take the fabric to dry cleaners.

Clothes with Embellishments

Any kind of clothes which have embellishments should never be machine washed. The embellishments are hand stitched to the fabric. They are just hanging by a thread and can come loose during wash cycles.


Woolen suits

Woolen suits should only be handled by professional dry cleaners. Not only will dry cleaners ensure that they stay clean and crisp, they would also years to clothing’s life.


People all over the world have mixed opinions about whether animal fur should be worn or not. However, that’s a topic of discussion for another time.

As far as washing these items is concerned, make sure you leave the task in the hands of professionals since fur is very delicate and can become dry and brittle if it’s not handled with care.

Leather and Suede

What brings out your inner rockstar? It’s your leather jacket of course. However, washing it at home can ruin this clothing item. It results in formation of cracks and causes the fabric to shrivel. Furthermore, leather shrinks when it comes in contact with water.

Fragile Material

Fabrics like chiffon and rayon tend to shrink when they come in water because of which you should avoid washing them at home.

Clothes with Too Many Stains

If the clothing item has too many stains, it’s better that you have it cleaned by professionals. They use chemicals and detergents which can remove all kinds of stains.

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