Whether you have a tiny, functional bathroom or an expansive space, the right shower stall can transform your personal sanctuary. Remember, you deserve that walk-in luxury!

Here are some important factors that you need to consider when choosing a shower stall.

Value-Addition Options

If it’s the master bedroom, invest in a high-end stall. Bathrooms are good for value addition, and high-quality shower stalls are totally worth it if they’re in the master bedroom’s bathroom. On the other hand, you could install a simple fiberglass stall with a smaller budget. These aren’t that expensive and are also good enough.

Space Trade-Off

Shower stalls are usually quite small, since they have to be fit in bathrooms that don’t have space for full tubs. Recently, larger, tile-covered shower stalls have become available that feature full benches as well. The final choice is up to you. Do you want that extra space in the bathroom or do you prefer a high class shower experience?

Style, Design, and Aesthetics

In general, the shower stall should match the overall aesthetic and style of the home. You could choose from a variety of stalls, for e.g., those which have fiberglass cabinets, those which are enclosed in glass, or others with curtain rods. There’s a huge variety, and you can choose one according to your budget and taste.

How Up Do You Want It?

If you’re going to be the only person using the shower, you can choose a shower stall that matches your exact height. However, if people of varying heights are going to use it, you can install one with a movable head.

Plumbing Convenience

The shower stall’s position should be chosen after taking the pipelines into account. If you choose a position where there aren’t any existing pipes, the cost of the whole project will increase considerably, as you’ll need to install new pipes. If the pipes are already present, you can easily provide water to your new shower stall.

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