These days, it’s a common sight to see CCTV cameras placed in every corner of a commercial premise. Being a highly cost-effective and easy to install security solution, CCTV cameras are now utilized by almost every business for the protection of valuable assets and employees.

However, it’s not just businesses – homeowners are also starting to realize the great security benefits CCTV camera systems offer. CCTV cameras can either be integrated into a comprehensive security system, or used as standalone solution. Full-service security providers such as Guardmore are specialists in devising custom residential security plans. Get in touch with them to learn how you can use CCTV cameras to enhance the security of your home.

Meanwhile, here are some great security benefits CCTV camera systems provide.

Visual Intruder Deterrent

One of CCTV’s best advantages is its ability to deter criminals, particularly when it comes to crimes that are pre-planned. Thieves and burglars are less likely to target your property if they’re aware you have security measures in place. To ensure that intruders stay well away from your property, place CCTV cameras in places where they’re clearly visible.

Allows You to Monitor Your Property’s Perimeter within the Safety of Your Home

Setting up CCTV cameras at different blind spots around your home provides you with a 360-degree visibility of your property, with real-time alerts on any suspicious activities. This means that you don’t have to leave the safety of your home in the middle of the night to check for suspicious noises coming from your backyard.  Moreover, some CCTV systems available today are accompanied by mobile applications which allow you to inspect your home’s perimeter remotely.

Can Help Identify Criminals

In addition to being an effective deterrent, CCTV systems can also provide the crucial evidence needed to bring criminals to justice. Even if the intruders manage to bypass your security system and vandalize or rob your property, the footage from your CCTV system can help the police in finding and identifying the culprits.

Bonus Benefit: Insurance Deductions

In addition to all the great security benefits mentioned above, installing CCTV system on your residential property can also lead to insurance deductions. When it comes to evaluating an insurance policy, the security of a property is considered an important factor by insurance providers.

A premier full-service security provider based in Edmonton, Guardmore offers top-notch security guard and patrol services to both residential and commercial clients. Get in touch with them for further information about their services.