The amount of information available online for installing a new roof can be overwhelming. From choosing the right kind of material to the amount of time it can take, roofing can be a tough task. Most production builders recommend using asphalt shingle roofs due to its easy installation and low costs.

Here’s our basic guide for the steps involved in installing an asphalt roof:


Safety first:

Before beginning any roofing project, the most important thing to consider is safety. Working on heights with dangerous equipment can be unsafe. That is why the best way to go about installing or replacing a roof is by hiring professionals. Skilled roofing contractors have proper safety equipment and are experienced at working with different roofing materials.

Assessing the damage:

Before the work can be started, the roof needs to be inspected for leaks or damages. This way, you can find out how much work needs to be done and arrange for the necessary materials.

Prep the roof:

The first task is to remove any old and broken shingles from the roof. The damaged shingles need to be removed carefully one-by-one and any excess product needs to be brushed off. Any holes in the roof should be filled to make sure moisture does not penetrate through the new shingles.

Install the base:

Before the shingles can be installed, the base is covered with a waterproof membrane, also called the roofing underlayment. If this part is skipped, your roof will be susceptible to moisture that is likely to result in growth of mould and other funguses. A proper under-layer also increases the lifespan of the roof.


Install the shingles:

The next step is to install the asphalt shingles. The area needs to be marked with chalk before hand to properly align the shingles during installation. The shingles are then layered from left to right while securing each corner with nails. The bottom layer needs to be completed first before adding each consecutive layer while moving upwards.

A final check is conducted to ensure there are no cracks or gaps in the layers.

Installing shingles requires special skills to prevent damage to the roof and costly future repairs. That’s why we always recommend using qualified roofers. Top contracting companies such as Himalaya Group Inc. have extensively trained staff with decades of experience. We provide professional residential roofing services that are at par with the industry standards. Contact us today to get a free quote for your roofing needs.