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Types of Commercial Roofs

The US market for commercial roofing contractors has reached a massive $51.9 in 2021. There are different types of commercial roofs, each built according to the requirements of the commercial building and available budget. The type of roof you choose for your building plays an important role in protecting the building from the weather and determines the longevity of the building. Here are some common types of commercial roofs. Half-Slope Roof The least expensive option on the market, a half-slope roof, offers minimal protection against weather conditions but is still efficient because it has a longer slope than other...

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How Effective Is Sandless Floor Finishing?

Freshly installed hardwood flooring beautifies any room. However, the process tends to get messy. Installing wood floors is a costly and challenging endeavor not many of us are willing to go through. On the other hand, sandless floor refinishing can give you a clean floor without any mess.

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Four Types of Flat Roofs: Pros and Cons

Changing the commercial roofing of your building is no easy task. You’ll need to research the type of flat roof, the contractor you hire, the costs associated, etc. Therefore, it’s best to equip yourself with all the information possible beforehand. By understanding different flat roofs, you’ll be able to narrow it down to the one that’s appropriate to your commercial building and then work on your budget accordingly. Here’s a list of four flat roofs, and the pros and cons they come with. Built-Up Roofs (BURs) Built-up roofs have been the norm for the last century or so. They’re...

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