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Why Hardwood Flooring Is A Better Option Than Laminates

Hardwood plank floors have been around for scores of years, but experts believe sales in the hardwood industry may go up by 3 to 7 percent this year. Hardwood Flooring in demand for most new homes and commercial properties, thanks to their warm and luxurious appeal. However, there is a new type of flooring that’s shaping up to be a serious competitor to hardwood. Laminate flooring is becoming popular in the residential market, but is it a better choice than our trusty hardwood flooring? Here are a few traits and features you must keep in mind before selecting them for your...

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6 Tips for Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget

The most important thing at any party is the cake. You can splurge a little on getting a delicious cake in a classic flavor like chocolate; or alternatively, you can bake some gorgeous cakes. Here’s a quick guide on DIY party cakes for added help.

Remember to have fun and celebrate the person and the occasion. You don’t need to spend tons of money to have fun!

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3 Worth-It Reasons to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

Professional carpet cleaning services know the best detergents and cleaning solutions to use on your carpet, and will prolong its durability.

If you’re looking for reliable carpet cleaning services in Alpharetta, GA, head over to Carpet Transformers. Their experts use top-quality materials and cleaning methods, and will ensure they leave your carpet spotless!

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Metallic Epoxy Flooring Has More Than Just Aesthetic Value—3 Functional Benefits You Should Know

Metallic epoxy flooring looks very attractive and instantly grabs people’s attention. That makes it an appealing flooring choice for businesses, shopping malls, and even homeowners who want to make their home look pretty. However, its benefits are not limited to aesthetics. It has several qualities which makes it a great choice for any residential or commercial space. Let’s discuss three functional benefits of metallic epoxy flooring. Sturdiness & Resistance Metallic epoxy floors are extremely durable and resistant. Not only can they withstand heavy foot traffic, but they’re also resistant to spills and even harsh chemicals, which makes them an...

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Solar vs. Roller Shades—What’s the Difference?

Solar and roller shades have become popular window treatment options and are used for an array of residential and commercial purposes. You can find numerous varieties in designs, colors, and textures and they are ideal options for those looking to revamp their home interior. Thought both these window treatment options have the same smooth roll up mechanism, and are measured and installed the same way. However, there are a number of differences. Here are some differences between solar and roller shades: Light filtration properties Solar shades are highly efficient when it comes to blocking UV rays. They actually have...

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