Accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are additional living units built on residential lots to provide homeowners with extra living space. They can either exist as secondary attachments to the main structure of the house, such as basement apartments or above-the-garage units, or, as is more typical of them, detached carriage houses.

Primarily, accessory dwelling units are used as rental income generators. However, their benefits can be summarized both on individual as well as community and social level.

First and foremost, as infill developments, accessory dwelling units help address community issues related to displacement by providing affordable housing to renters. Typically, the rent of an ADU is much lower than most other family rental units on market, making it an attractive and convenient housing option for renters.

Second, accessory dwelling units create opportunities for towns and cities to grow in a sustainable way by doubling on residential units while leveraging existing utility services and infrastructure. For this reason, they are also commonly referred to as green developments.

Third, accessory dwelling units improve the value of residential properties. By investing in these developments, homeowners can secure the value of their property in the long term and they can sell it later for an above-average market price.

Fourth, accessory dwelling units create local jobs by inducing construction activity in the local sector. It is estimated, on average, each ADU creates one-year long local job. More ADUs mean more jobs and thus a stable economy.

Fifth, accessory dwelling units create additional tax property income for local city funds, enabling local governments to serve people in a better way.

Sixth, accessory dwelling units can be used as flexible spaces for home offices, permanent alternative family arrangements and accommodating on-site caregivers.


With so many benefits to offer, it’s no wonder why accessory dwelling units are becoming so popular among homeowners.

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