For some time now, that cozy little nook in the corner of your home has wanted some attention and finally, you’re ready to give it the love it deserves. It greatly helps that you’ve got a substantial budget to support this patio makeover.

But at the moment; you’re not really sure where to begin. Sure, there are plenty of tricks and themes you could go with for the outdoor area. But none of them scream ‘you.’

So here’s what you do; instead of following what you saw on Pinterest, follow the tips below to give your patio a cozy feel and add to them to truly make it a part of your personal Eden!

1.     Change up the Furnishings

Revamping those furnishings can make a world of difference. Ask any interior or exterior designer! Your furniture is the main feature of your patio. Replacing that old focal point for a new and improved set will not only give your patio a sleeker look, but it’ll also add more personality to the whole yard.

One tip though: when you buy a patio set; go for a collection for a reliable brand such as PatioHQ. Offering affordable outdoor patio furniture in addition to other accessories and décor, a recognized brand will offer better, durable product than your average cheap set.

2.     Invest in Your Flooring Options

Not a big fan of outdoor patio rugs or some good ol’ fashioned concrete under your feet? Add some full-on carpeting or foam tiles to jazz the place up. Available in a large number of selections, colors, designs and more, you’ll definitely find an inexpensive flooring option that’ll do a lot more for your décor than you think.

patio outdoor

3.     Add a Pergola

Romantic, luxurious and just slightly more expensive, a pergola adds to your patio’s look and can really bring the theme together. Deck it with some climbing plants, add a few rose plants here and there, perfect patio furniture and some outdoor accent pillows, to truly make that area the ultimate outdoor romantic nook!

4.     Get that Mood Lighting

Mood lighting isn’t all about stringing fairy lights and lighting up candles! If you spend a lot more time outdoors, invest in some flame features like lanterns and torches. Heck, go with a fire table if your budget permits. But get soft lighting that adds the perfect luminous tingle to the area.


5.     Dine Outdoors

Love entertaining guests? Bring the dining room outdoors with a special patio dining set! Complete with chairs and tables in a number of styles and looks, patio sets for dining outdoors come in a range of not just price but materials as well. From wrought iron to wood and wicker, you’ll probably get whatever you need within budget for as many people as you want.

6.     Get Comfortable

More often than not, patio furniture isn’t usually as comfortable as we’d like, which is why some comfy, cushy seating is even more important! A significant component of your patio transformation, having a gorgeous seating area complete with loveseats, pillows, ottomans, and chaise lounges can do just the trick!


7.     Add a Fire Pit

We’d recommend that you buy one instead of going with a DIY job, even if you are skilled at it. Again, with a fire pit or fire table, it’s much better to go with a reliable company like PatioHQ so get a product that’s actually worth the investment.

Go Forth and Design!

Designing a patio is not that difficult if you know where to start. Just go with the tips above and add your own creative touch to them to bring your outdoor patio back to its former glory!