Water heaters are important appliances and this makes it important for them to work flawlessly. Any problems with your water heaters can result in inadequate heating and higher utility bills. Correct water heater installations are essential for smooth and efficient operation.

Water heater installations must be done by a licensed and insured professional. Such professionals have the right experience and credentials to guarantee quality installations. Amateur installations can result in safety hazards for your family; even fires and explosions. If you’re planning to have water heaters installed, knowing what could go wrong can help you eliminate risks beforehand.


Stagnant water has the potential to grow bacteria. Stagnant water in your water heater runs the risk of developing Legionella pneumophila. These bacteria, when ingested, can cause Legionnaires’ disease.  The bacterium thrives in water that’s between 95 and 115°F. In order to keep your family members safe, always make sure your water heater is set over 115°.

As a safety precaution, water heaters should be drained and cleaned out regularly. Legionella pneumophia is known to hide in mineral deposits and scales of the water heater.

Blocked relief valves

The water heater’s temperature and pressure relief valve is a safety feature. The valve is activated when too much pressure builds up inside the water heater. If the installation of this valve is faulty or it develops a blockage, it’s a massive health and safety concern. The pressure inside the water heater will eventually increase to a point where it explodes. This explosion can injure anyone nearby and cause significant structural damage. There was even an episode on the popular television show, Myth busters.

Gas leak

Many water heaters run on gas. This makes it all the more important to only consult professional installation service providers. It would eliminate risks associated with loose or improper gas pipe fittings.

Clogged ignition sources


The source of heat in a water heating system is either electric or gas. An electric system uses a heating element while a gas system uses a flame. The ignition sources of both systems should be thoroughly checked and examined. It must be cleaned out to remove dust and debris. Such build-up can block the heat emitted.

Improper maintenance


Water heaters require regular maintenance. Its pipes need to be inspected to ensure there aren’t any leaks or corrosion. Debris and dust inside the system must be cleaned out too. If left unattended, the sediment could build up and eventually cause a blockage. The thermostat must be checked; in many cases the thermostat is the first part to give way.

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