We tend to neglect things that we don’t encounter daily. We’ll fix the leak in the faucets because the constant dripping sound annoys us. We’ll keep our lawns mowed because of the neighbors. But we ignore the roof over our heads.

This often causes a delay in roof repair and replacement. A small damage to the roof can cause serious damage around the house. Keep an eye on your roof for mildew, curling shingles, and insulation issues. A small negligence can result in a hefty house repair bill. Familiarize yourself with these common signs that require immediate roofing services.

A change in the energy bill

Bills deliver a shocking display of your energy consumption at end of each month. HVAC systems consume most of the energy around the house. Broken or damaged roofs can cause fluctuation in energy bills. Holes and missing shingles on the roof hamper HVAC’s performance. The hot air rises to the top and escapes through the damages, causing the HVAC to work twice as hard to regulate temperature.

This problem is common among old houses with outdated insulation system. If you can’t find a source to your energy spike, get in touch with a roofing service. After a brief examination, they will determine if you need a roof repair or replacement.

Damage to the roofing material

A roof is usually constructed from shingles, asphalt or fiberglass material. These materials are highly cost-effective and durable in nature. But weathering and general wear and tear make them prone to damage.

Granules of the damaged material make their way to the ground or get stuck in the rain gutters. A bigger damage can be sustained by the roof if immediate repair or replacement isn’t made.

You can see the light

A small crack can lead to catastrophic events. Roofs need to be annually inspected to identify structural damage. Homeowners must look for obvious signs of damage to the roofing material and the structure by inspecting the roof.

After completing the exterior inspection, head over to your attic. Inspect the roof from the inside; look for mildew, wet spots, cracks, or light visible through the roof boards.

Light through the roof boards indicates gaps or cracks in the roof. It’s better to get your roof fixed before the rainy or snowy season to avoid water damage.

It’s your roof’s 25th birthday

With time, every roof needs to be replaced. If your roof has crossed 25-years age limit, it’s time to get a new one.

Get annual roof inspection and time a roof replacement after consulting with an expert.

Sagging Roof

Algae accumulation on the roof, missing or broken shingles, and flashing issues can all result in a sagging roof. Structural damage to the roof or foundation can lead to this problem. Schedule a repair when the sagging is localized to avoid a completely collapsed roof.

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