Looking for a quick and easy way to increase the square footage of your home? Homeowners typically invest in room additions for extra space, which can be an effective yet costly undertaking. Attic remodels are a more affordable substitute to conventional room additions.

Turn your unused roof space into a trendy yet practical, living space with these ideas:

1. Kids Playroom:

Once you have kids, it’s virtually impossible to keep all the toys and art supplies out of your living space. If you’re tired of tripping over your little’s one’s Legos and action figures, turning your attic into a playroom for children could prove to be an excellent idea.

Organize and store supplies for fun activities in the room. Keep the color scheme bright and bold and play with geometric shapes and patterns to make it look more kid-friendly. If your attic has a high ceiling, you may even consider adding a small indoor slide.

2. Game Room:

An attic game room can be your escape from the monotonous routine. As game tables and accessories are typically brightly colored, keep the color scheme of the room as simple as possible.

Splash some chalkboard paint across one of the walls to keep a track of your scores and choose modern recessed lighting fixtures for a well-lit gaming zone. Game rooms tend to get loud, therefore make sure you soundproof the attic to keep the noise from spilling to the rest of the home.

Invite your friends over for a fun-filled weekend or have a casual game or two after dinner for a refreshing break from the daily grind.

3. Personal Theatre:

Have the big screen experience at your home by transforming your attic into a home theatre. Consult your local contractor and home theatre installers to know more about specific wiring or cabling requirements that need to be met prior to the finishing of ceiling and walls of the attic. Enhance the optimum acoustic properties of the room by increasing insulation and installing modern acoustic wall panels.

4. Home office:

According to a recent report about the state of telecommuting in the U.S. employee workforce, the number of American employees who perform at least 50% of their work-related tasks from either home or any other location increased by 115% between 2005 and 2015.

Converting your attic into a home office could allow you to have a cozy, private space where you can focus on the tasks at hand without any unnecessary interruptions. Use warm, neutral colors and make the most out of natural light by positioning your work table in the direction of the window in your attic. You can also save up a considerable amount of space by choosing wall-mounted bookshelves.

5. Guest suite:

Homeowners with large families often have trouble accommodating guests during the holiday season. Have a hassle-free hosting experience by transforming your bare attic into a spacious suite for guests.

As attics have pitched roofs, it’s better to select low scale furniture to keep the room from looking cramped. Expose the ceiling beams to add instant warmth to the room. Increase the visual appeal of the room by including textured bedspreads and decorative cushions.

Your attic can be more than just a storage space for your holiday decorations and sporting goods. Utilize the extra roof space of your home in Los Angeles to its full potential by contacting professional home renovation experts, such as Y and C Construction.

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