Stone veneers may not be the latest trend to hit the market, but they’re certainly extremely popular. Nowadays, homeowners use this exterior finish to flaunt their style and stand out from the other houses on the block.


There are many technical benefits to using stone veneers. Here are just a few:


The biggest advantage of stone veneer exteriors is that they are compatible with all other building materials. It doesn’t matter if the walls of your house are made from wood or cement (or any other material for that matter), a stone veneer can easily be installed over them quickly once the original surface has been properly prepared!

Easy to Install:

Stone veneers are relatively easy to apply as well. Unlike natural stone, which is quite heavy and is extremely difficult to transport and apply, stone veneers are lightweight, and easily transported.

Owing to its light weight and ease of handling, stone veneers also cost significantly less than natural stone while achieving the same effect.

Adds To Your Home’s Market Value:

While we’re on the topic of money, a stone veneer exterior is a sound investment to make, as the beauty and durability of the stone veneer will raise the market value of your home.


Low Maintenance:

Homeowners and homebuyers prefer stone veneer finishes because they require little to no maintenance. Unlike other siding finishes that may need regular inspection and maintenance, or a wood finish that’s not durable at all, stone veneers are a one-time investment. Once they’re installed, you can almost forget about them altogether.


Stone veneers are also quite popular because they’re durable. Furthermore, stone is fire resistant and doesn’t release chemical toxins in the air in the event of a fire (as chemically treated wood does).

Moreover, stone veneers have impressive insulating properties as well. This means that homeowners stand to save hundreds of dollars in energy bills.


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